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LinkedIn 101 Workshop

A half day face to face course

LinkedIn 101

At your premises I'll deliver a half day practical and interactive LinkedIn course for up to eight members of staff.

Course outline

10.00-10.15 Meet/greet and set-up

10.15-10.30 Discovery/Review

  • Overview of current LinkedIn posture
  • Confidence benchmarking
  • Review of raw/live content
  • Analysis of LinkedIn performance

10.30-11.00 LinkedIn Focus Point

Introduction to the platform

- Personal and business profiles

- Styles of LinkedIn posts

- Best practices for privacy and security

11.00-11.15 Comfort break

11.15-11.45 Content Strategy

  • Overview of upcoming written content
  • Overview of visual content
  • Themes/events/days

11..45-12.15 Content creation

Creation and editing of real-life

LinkedIn content

12.15-12.30 Goal setting and action plan

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Half day workshop for up to 8 people


An expert introduction to LinkedIn with a straight-forward guide to easy content creation that gets the results you want…

The team and I were really pleased with all the tips and tricks Esther shared.