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Rocketfuel for your Social Media – 3 month programme


The Rocketfuel for your Social Media package is ideal for start up businesses or for those business owners that feel their social media needs an intensive push in the right direction.  Get expert one to one help, customised for you and your business.  This is not a one size fits all solution, but a bespoke plan, written for you, with support to implement your strategy, every step of the way. Find out more.


Aaagghhhh! Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?
Work with me for three months and together we will build a social media strategy for your business.  I’ll work with you to implement the plan, create content templates using your brand colours and fonts/logos.  We will use the data from your analytics to decide on the optimum posting schedule for each platform and the types of content that will resonate best with your prospective customers.  I’ll support and help you to get to grips with the best tools to use to maximise your reach and minimise the time you spend, so that social media works for you, rather than the other way round. Read more.



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