It’s Top Tip Tuesday! And the question is what type of content does best on Facebook?

The answer may surprise you!  It’s a year since Facebook made big changes to their algorithm and at the time, they said that they were overhauling the News Feed to shift the type of content users see first, and most often. The reason, according to the company’s official statement: “So people have more opportunities to interact with the people they care about.”

So a year on, a company called NewsWhip  analysed the engagement of approximately 27 million web articles to determine which topics, formats and publishers saw their content being shared and interacted with on Facebook the most.

The answers may surprise you!

Between January 1 and March 10 2019, NewsWhip found that web content — that is, links to articles or content that appeared somewhere else, not on Facebook’s native Pages or groups  saw 1.5X more engagement on Facebook than it did during the same period in 2018.

When Facebook announced its News Feed algorithm change, they said that live videos received 6X the engagement as prerecorded ones, suggesting that Page administrators might be able to strengthen their rankings by publishing more of this type of content.

But NewsWhip found that live videos actually comprised the lowest percentage of top-performing post content formats — with photos dominating the top 10,000 posts.
I was really surprised by this!  Also, when it came to the average number of shares according to post type, native video continued to dominate content formats, and outperformed photos, live videos, and links.

By the way, native video is video that is posted directly to Facebook – not linking to YouTube or another platform outside Facebook.

If you’d like to read more, the whole report is here

I’d love to know whether this report mirrors your experience on Facebook? Please let me know in the comments!