What should I post about on Social Media?

I often get asked for suggestions of what to post, it can be difficult for businesses of any size to come up with ideas every day for social media.  We just run out of inspiration, or time, or both?

A recent survey from Sprout Social found that:-
72% of consumers want discounts or sales
60% of consumers want posts that showcase new products/services
59% of consumers want posts that inform
56% of consumers want posts that entertain
49% of consumers want posts that inspire
41% of consumers want posts about company happenings

Also, a recent HubSpot report  found that 39% of people who like or follow a business page on Facebook do so to hear first about special offers.

I talk about the 6 types of social media post:

Businesses need to consider how these types of post relate to their customer journey, from awareness through purchase to advocacy.  For example, if someone is in the pre-purchase/research phase, then educating and informing may need to be at the fore.  After buying, customers may need supporting rather than convincing.  If you entertain your customers online and they enjoy your content then they will believe they’ll like the products and services that you offer, too.

What types of post do you find your customers engage well with? I’d love to know!  Please leave me a comment…..