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Your Social Media Christmas Guide – 15 things you should be doing this holiday season from Hallam Internet.

They are:-

  1. Change your social media images to incorporate a festive theme
  2. Showcase your festive events online
  3. Be friendly and engage with your audience
  4. Engage in social conversations online which will benefit your social media presence
  5. Involve yourself with a charity this Christmas
  6. Check what your competitors are doing online
  7. Share great posts that your audience will love
  8. Create a competition that even you couldn’t say no to
  9. Take the plunge and go live!
  10. Throw a Christmas jumper day
  11. Share your favourite festive tunes
  12. Create amazing content
  13. Make the route to purchase easy for your audience
  14. Form your campaign around your very own Christmas advent calendar
  15. Get your creative thoughts on your screen with voice technology.

Which ones will you use?  I’m thinking about number 14, creating an advent calendar for Online Media Works, featuring Outstanding Marketing Wisdom to kickstart your social media for 2019….. Watch this space!

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