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Here’s a summary of what I’ve covered, week by week, with links to the articles for further reading:-

Must read #45 23rd July 19
What’s new on Twitter? Plan ahead and book for the August Social Media Cafe. And quote of the week!
Do you want to boost your business with a social media strategy, customised for you?

Must read #44 16th July 19
Are you looking to supercharge your social media strategy for the second half of 2019 and win more business?
Do you want to boost your business with a social media strategy, customised for you?

Must read #43 9th July 19
What’s on this week? My 7 Steps to a Social Media Plan that Wins Business and cake!

Must read #42 2nd July 19
Half way through the year – eek! Time to reflect back on what’s working in your business.

Must read #41 25th June 19
5 top tips to boost your business with Instagram, what is the world’s most liked Instagram post and why? Last chance to book for the Social Media Workshop.

Must read #40 18th June 19
Your profile will be judged in 2/10 of a second! See inside the Instagram Algorithm A great quote from Sara Tasker

Must read #39 11th June 19
Should you use Instagram stories?  Instagram up, Twitter down. And a quote from Aristotle!

Must read #38 4th June 19
The 8 reasons businesses give for being on social media, getting LinkedIn leads without paying for ads. A great quote from Brene Brown!

Must read #37 28th May
Do you need a social media strategy? Read about the latest Facebook algorithm update and how it’ll affect your business page and quote of the week.

Must read #35 14th May
How to be a LinkedIn Ninja, my first experience recording a podcast and a great quote from Brene Brown.

Must read #34 7th May
8 reasons why I love Canva, an image speaks a 1000 words and quote of the week

Must read #33 30th April
How to boost your business with video, creating a social media content strategy and Stress Awareness month.

Must read #32 23rd April
A beginners guide to creating images for social media, like or loathe story telling? An inspirational quote from Brian Tracy.

Must read #31 16th April
12 ways to boost your Facebook page, my favourite LinkedIn cheat sheet has been updated for 2019, and a great quote from Stephen Covey.

Must read #30 9th April 2019
When is the best time to post to Facebook?  How can you measure your social media success? And a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk.

Top Tip Tuesday #29 2nd April 2019
What type of content works best on Facebook? Which brands are inspirational on Instagram? A cake/business quote from Elon Musk.

Top Tip Tuesday #28 26th March 2019
Overflowing with freebies! Free LinkedIn training, a Facebook quiz, Boost your Business with Instagram Ebook, Boost your Business with Twitter ebook. And exciting news; part one, part two and part three.

Top Tip Tuesday #27 19th March 2019
Looking at the 5 tools to boost your social media, how social media can boost your business and this week’s favourite quote from Sheryl Sandberg.

Top Tip Tuesday #26 12th March 2019
Looking at top tips for Instagram and how should small businesses use social media in 2019? This week’s favourite quote from Mary Kay Ash.

Top Tip Tuesday #25 5th March 2019
Looking at what to post on social media, the best time to post on Instagram and a great quote about social media.

Top Tip Tuesday #24 26th February 2019
Looking at making the most of Instagram for your business, the latest US and UK social media statistics and a quote from Steve Jobs.

Top Tip Tuesday #23 18th February 2019
Looking at Instagram hashtags and promoting your business on Instagram in 2019. Plus this week’s quote from Maya Angelou.

Top Tip Tuesday #22 12th February 2019
Understanding Twitter analytics, creating brand advocates and a thought-provoking Chinese proverb.

Top Tip Tuesday #21 5th February 2019
Creating the perfect tweet, understanding what our audience wants from us on Twitter and a great definition of Twitter from Stephen King.

Top Tip Tuesday #20 29th January 2019
Understanding the Twitter algorithm,  using Twitter lists and a great quote about Twitter from author, Charlene Li.

Top Tip Tuesday #19 22nd January 2019
Is one of your 2019 goals to win more business? 80 must read social media statistics for 2019. Quote of the week from Pablo Picasso.

Top Tip Tuesday #18 15th January 2019
All things LinkedIn and a free checklist to help you maximise your profile to win more business.

Top Tip Tuesday #17 11th December 2018
This week the social media tip is about checking your LinkedIn privacy settings, getting started with Pinterest, another great quote from Michelle Obama and the last chance to book for The Social Media Cafe in 2018.

Top Tip Tuesday #16 4th December 2018
This week there are 13 ways to kick start your social media Strategy in 2019, get a free calendar full of awareness dates for you to incorporate into your strategy and quote of the week from Michelle Obama.

Top Tip Tuesday #15 27th November 2018
This week there are 6 top tips to set your 2019 social media strategy, find out how Facebook recommendations can help you grow your business and quote of the week from Frank Clark.

Top Tip Tuesday #14 Top Tip Tuesday no 14 20th November 2018
This week there are 15 ideas for your Christmas social media, an introduction to a free website that gives you social media insights and quote of the week from Robert Collier.

Top Tip Tuesday #13 Tip Top Tuesday 13th November 2018
Includes how to resize images for different platforms, why you should use images in your social media posts and quote of the week from Erik Qualman.

Top Tip Tuesday #12 Top Tip Tuesday no 12 6th Nov 18
Includes 22 social media tips, an insight in measuring the return on investment of social media and quote of the week from Jeff Weiner.

Top Tip Tuesday #11 Top Tip Tuesday No 11 30th Oct 18
Are you using your Twitter header background to its full potential? All you need to know about Twitter search and a quote from Arianna Huffington.

Top Tip Tuesday #10 Top Tip Tuesday 23rd October 2018
Includes boosting your business with Google (for free!) an insight into the demise of Google+ and a quote from Amelia Earhart.

Top Tip Tuesday #9 Top Tip Tuesday No 9th Oct 18
We look at using video in your business, 7 ways to create Pinterest images that drive clicks and quote of the week from General Patten.

Top Tip Tuesday #8 Top Tip Tuesday No 8 16th Oct 18
Ten ways to boost your business with Pinterest. Did you know Pinterest drives 3.8x greater sales than the average digital campaign? Quote of the week from Marie Forleo.

Top Tip Tuesday #7 Top Tip Tuesday no7 2nd Oct 2018
What’s your plan for generating sales in your business? How to generate leads by effective use of social media and quote of the week from one of my favourites, Iris Apfel.

Top Tip Tuesday #6 Top Tip Tuesday No 6 25th Sept 18
How to stand out on LinkedIn.  This week’s insight is about building a strong social media strategy for your businessQuote of the week from Iris Apfel.

Top Tip Tuesday #5 Top Tip Tuesday 18th September 18
How to get started with Instagram Stories.  How to repost on Instagram, a quick video. Plus: how to find your customers on social media.  What’s the right size media for each social platform?  And a quote of the week from Julia Child.

Top Tip Tuesday #4 Top Tip Tuesday No4 11th Sept 18
How to use Pinterest for Business.  How to audit your Linkedin profile. Another quote from Julia Child!

Top Tip Tuesday #3 Top Tip Tuesday 18th September 18
Are you using Instagram stories to their full potential?  How to boost your LinkedIn marketing. Quote of the week, about cake!

Top Tip Tuesday #2 Top Tip Tuesday No 2 28th August 18
Top ten digital marketing tips for small business.  Have you seen the change to Facebook reviews?  Life is what you bake it!

Top Tip Tuesday #1 Top Tip Tuesday 21st August 18
Do you schedule your social media posts?  Do you use infographics in your business? A favourite quote of the week.