Last week I received a great email from Alice Jennings.  For those of you that don’t know Alice, she’s brilliant at explaining techy things in a non-techy way. Her mission is to help small business owners to save time and money using systems and technology. It’s well worth signing up for her newsletter (and she often includes a sheep update, too).

Last week Alice’s email included a link to a video, showing how to set up Google Local.  If you haven’t already done this, I highly recommend it and Alice’s video is brilliant place to start!

Your business listing is free (what’s not to like?!) and it can appear when people are searching for your business (or businesses similar to yours) on Google search and maps, so you can be found, and bring customers to your website.  You can see my listing here

Top tips to Boost your Business with Google

Top tips to Boost your Business with Google.


Thank you, Alice for letting me share the video.