This week’s Top Tip Tuesday is looking at Instagram hashtags.  Hashtags are one of the best the ways to get found on Instagram, but how can you know whether you are using the right number of the best ones?

According to Track Maven, Instagram posts that use hashtags get more likes and comments, with posts containing 9 hashtags performing 2.5x as well as posts using just 1 hashtag.

“A smart move is to use a variety of hashtags: one or two very popular (with millions of results), a group of targeted hashtags that are popular with 100,000 or more search results, and some that aren’t as popular.”  Peg Fitzpatrick, author of The Art of Social Media.

My top tip is to use the notes app on your phone to store the hashtags that you regularly use, then you can just cut and paste easily the hashtags you want, rather than having to a) remember them and b) type them every time!

Next week we’ll be looking at whether the hashtags are better in the caption or in a separate comment… What do you think? Please tell me in the comments!

There is more info about hashtags from Tailwind here.

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