I often get asked about measuring the return on investment of social media.  Before we can know whether social media is winning us business we need to benchmark where we are now, then set some objectives, implement our plan and then re-measure to find the improvement.

Deciding what to measure can be difficult.  For Twitter I use a site called http://www.twitonomy.com Twitonomy is a Twitter analytics tool that provides simple yet powerful insights and features that helps you monitor, manage, track and optimise your activities on the platform.  Twitonomy also allows you to monitor and analyse your competitors, which is very interesting!

You can sign up for a free account and then once you are logged in, you can look at a wealth of data.

One of the features I find most useful is seeing which hashtags I regularly use and which tweets have been retweeted most.

If you’d more help getting to grips with Twitter analytics then why not come to the Social Media Cafe?