It’s just over 7 week’s until Black Friday, which this year falls on 23rd November 2018.  What is your plan going to be to generate sales for your business?  Don’t leave it until the last minute to work on your strategy.

The Black Friday frenzy of shopping resulted in £1.4 billion in online sales last year. That’s an 11.7% increase on the previous year. Hallam Internet offers seven strategies your business can use to leverage the Black Friday opportunity.

In terms of your social media plan for Black Friday, Susan Hallam MBE suggests you consider the following five key areas:-

  1. Update all your social media profiles to give a coordinated and consistent set of messaging about your Black Friday campaign
  2.  Advanced preparation is key given the amount of work that needs to get done. Plan and schedule your social media posts in advance. Do your research.
  3. Create video content. On Facebook there were more than 450 million views of Black Friday related content including shopping and product guides, and it is a powerful way to increase conversions and improve your social reach.
  4. Focus on the networks that will give you the greatest ROI. It is easy to get carried away and divide your efforts across too many networks. Focus on the one or two networks that either generate the most revenue for your business, or which have the highest levels of engagement.
  5. Social media advertising.

So what’s your plan going to be?  How will you harness the power of social media in your business?