At Online Media Works, I use a content calendar to plan and organise both curated and created social media content. Using a calendar ensures that I (hopefully!) never miss an important date, holiday and other opportunities to post relevant content that my audience might appreciate.

Staying organised with pre-planned calendars not only means I remember important days; it also means that I know what I’m publishing, where I’m publishing it and when.  It means that I can post when my audience is likely to be online for maximum engagement and it helps me stick to a routine.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a virtual assistant, (VA) an agency owner, or the head of a large marketing team, social media scheduling tools can save time, build a social community and help you optimise your content distribution.

My scheduler of choice (having tried plenty!) is ContentCal, which I use daily to plan and schedule content. ContentCal fully integrates with Twitter, Facebook (pages only, groups are coming) and LinkedIn (both profiles & pages) and so you can post your content to these platforms.  It also integrates with Instagram, and you can post to Instagram directly via the ContentCal mobile app.

Here are my top 9 reasons:-

  1. ContentCal is UK-based
  2. The free version has all the features I need
  3. I love the visual drag and drop way I can easily and simply see what I’ve scheduled for when
  4. There is an iphone app that alerts me to post to Instagram
  5. There is some analytics functionality built in, which makes life easy
  6. Its clear and simple to use and doesn’t take hours to learn
  7. If everything goes wrong there is a ‘pause everything’ button!
  8. ContentCal offers an easy way to store visuals etc that have been created for a campaign, saving tine hunting for images you need to use
  9. New features are being added all the time as users (like you and me) feedback to the company.

If you outsource your social media to an agency or VA with a paid-for version, ContentCal allows you to set up custom approval flows, this gives businesses and agencies an extra layer of control.  With ContentCal, you can ensure that all posts get vetted by a manager and/or a client, before the content gets posted to social media.  There are 4 main roles in ContentCal – Director, Manager, Editor and Content Creator.

You can set up a free version to try here and access a flyer here. 

I’d love to know what tools you currently use for scheduling your social media and whether you’ve given ContentCal a try? #toptipTuesday