Each week I’m going to highlight an article that has really resonated with me, it will usually be social media related, but not always.
Do you like infographics?  I love them!  The way that images can be used to succinctly get across complicated ideas and concepts fills me with a spark of joy.

On Social Media Today I spotted this great infographic (which is, admittedly US biased, but interesting nonetheless) created by Grazitti Interactive.

Eight Fascinating Facts of Social Media Usage in 2018

Of all the statistics and numbers that were included in this image of the eight benefits of using social media platforms for businesses, this one got me thinking.

The eight benefits quoted for using social media, for business purposes are:
1. Increased exposure – 87%
2. Increased traffic – 78%
3. Generating leads – 64%
4. Developing loyal fans – 63%
5. Providing marketplace insight – 54%
6. Improved sales – 53%
7. Growing business partnerships – 49%
8. Increased thought leadership – 46%

I wondered how many of these ideas are top of mind when creating our social media strategies for our businesses?
If they are, how do we measure their impact on our bottom line?
Do you have any other reasons for your business being on social media and investing time in it?
What about customer service and responding to feedback?
How about social listening?  Perhaps that’s encompassed in ‘providing marketplace insight.’

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