Continuing a Twitter theme this week, I read a very insightful report from Sprout Social In their Sprout Social Index of 2018, they asked 2,000 social marketers about their goals and content on all the social media platforms.  They also spoke with 1,200 consumers and asked them what kinds of content they want to see from brands and compared the two sets of data.  You can download a copy of the report here.

I was interested to discover these key findings about Twitter:-

Moments are curated stories showcasing what is happening on Twitter. You can find more information here

So as marketers we need to make sure that our tweets are entertaining and newsy, to engage with what our audience sees as their objectives on Twitter.  To find out how to craft the perfect tweet, check out my recent blog post.

How do you use Twitter as a business?  And as a consumer?  Is it different?  I’d love to know!

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