What Social Media Can Do For Your Business

Are you on social media?  Or do you use social media as a marketing tool in your business?

Desiree Yazdan is an expert in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, as well as social media growth.  She says:-

Let’s use Instagram as an example. Instagram is a very visual platform, so you should think of your feed like a magazine for your business. When someone lands on your page, what do you want them to see? How do you want them to feel?

If you look at your Instagram feed as a magazine for your business, what does it say about what you do?

Desiree says:-

Keep in mind, social media is all about the long game. It’s about building a community and helping people get to know you and trust you.

I would say that being consistent is important and use a variety of different types of social media post to connect with your audience; both existing customers and potential customers.

You can read more from Desiree in Forbes magazine and follow her on Instagram here.