I first came across John Espirian through Andrew and Pete’s Atomic community.  John calls himself ‘relentlessly helpful’ and I would agree.  His main focus is technical copywriting and LinkedIn but earlier this year he collaborated with Madalyn Sklar who hosts the Twitter Smarter chat.  After the event, John went on to write a really in-depth (but understandable) guide to advanced Twitter search.

You can read it here

Using Twitter search for social listening, competitor analysis and so much more should regularly be part of your social media strategy.  John says:

Twitter is a massive, open database of information. Use the advanced search filters here to do blog research, look for work, discover activities near you and find untagged mentions of your name.

I’d be really interested to know how you use Twitter search in your business…. let me know by dropping me an email or a comment below.

This week's insight - What you need to know about Twitter search

This week’s insight – What you need to know about Twitter search