Did you know?

  • A Facebook or Twitter post accompanied with an image gets more than double the shares of a plain text post
  • Photos can boost potential retweets of any given tweet by up to 35%.
  • Blog posts that feature at least one image almost twice as many views than posts without an image?

You can read the whole article from Inc.com here.The suggested ways to incorporate images are:-

  1. Announcements and Event Invites
  2. Real-Time Event Coverage
  3. Inspirational/Thought-Provoking Quotes
  4. Building Your Personal Brand
  5. Facts and Statistics
  6. Endorsements from Customers
  7. Quick How-Tos

Do you use all of these seven ideas in your content marketing strategy?  Let me know in the comments which resonate best with your audience?

And here is an endorsement I received this week 🙂

Review of the Social Media Cafe Boost your Business with Twitter


This week's social media insight from Online Media Works

This week’s social media insight from Online Media Works