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How Pinterest helps in growing business

Every day the business owners I work with are surprised when I suggest that they should consider Pinterest as part of their social media strategy, particularly B2B service-orientated firms.  Here are my top reasons why Pinterest is a good fit for your business.

  • Firstly, Pinterest isn’t actually a social media platform because it works like a visual search engine.  This means that when your customers are searching on Google for something, often some of the results that pop up are on Pinterest.  Therefore, your content is more likely to be found and Pinterest will drive people to your website.
  • Pinterest has more than 416 million monthly active users (over half are outside the US) and according to Statista 47% of pinners log onto the site specifically to shop.  Pinterest states that this makes them nearly four times more effective at generating sales than other social platforms. 
  • Statista reports that and also 98% of pinners try new things they find on Pinterest and 61% of pinners have purchased an item after seeing it on the platform.
  • Pinterest users report that the platform helps them learn new things and find new products. What’s more, pinners are twice as likely to say that their time on the platform was time well-spent.  My own experience is that time just seems to evaporate on the platform, so you may need to set a timer! Nine out of ten users describe the platform as filled with positivity.
  • The 6 most popular categories of pins are travel, health and wellbeing, fashion, beauty, food and homes.  However, if your products or services don’t fall into these categories please don’t dismiss Pinterest just yet!  Another way to get your pins noticed is to use motivational quotes and tips.  Whatever your blog topic, create pins to highlight the key takeaways and signpost users to your blog post in the caption.
  • Pinterest knows what will be trending, 8 out of 10 of their predictions for 2020 came true, despite it being the least predictable year in history.*
  • According to research by Buffer, the most successful pins show users how to create something step-by-step, and this could apply whatever your industry. It’s an opportunity to create exciting content and ways for your business to stand out.
  • If you consider that a tweet lasts about 15 minutes and a Facebook post lasts about 6 hours you may be surprised to find out that the lifespan of a pin is a staggering 4 months (research by Wisemetrics).  This means a single pin lasts approximately 1,680 times longer than a Facebook post. So, your pins will show up in a user’s feed weeks and months after you originally post them, if they’re relevant to their search.

Pauline Wolfe from the Malvern Healing Tree attended my Pinterest training in 2019.  She says, “I wanted to share my Pinterest analytics with you to show you how Esther’s advice works. So, Esther explained how each board needs to be named wisely to show exactly what that board contains for search purposes.  For instance, I had a yoga board named Bendy Wendy.  That won’t come up on any yoga searches, will it?!  So, I changed some board names especially the ones I wanted to get seen.  My audience has increased from 7k to 13k in the last two weeks.  There is no doubt that Esther is the Queen of Social Media!

  • Many business owners complain that they feel at the mercy of the algorithm to show their content to followers and that platforms such as Facebook are becoming ‘pay to play’, but with Pinterest your content will be shown to the people who are searching for your keywords, who are already interested in what you do. 

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

There is a huge opportunity to connect with engaged customers on Pinterest. So where shall we start?

Here’s a quick 7 step guide to help you make the most of what Pinterest has to offer:

  1. Complete your business profile with a website link, choose your name carefully and try to include your keywords. For example, mine is ‘Esther Social Media Specialist’. 

2. Have at least 5 boards, each with at least 5 pins.   Every board should have a distinct theme.

3. As you add boards, think about which topics fit best with your business category and brand personality. Choose compelling images that tell a strong story about your brand and add helpful details into the pin description.  Ensure your boards have your keywords in the title.

4. Use Canva (other sites are available, but that’s my go-to for creating beautiful graphics) to create pins the right size and name your image file with researched keywords.

5. The words are just as important as the visuals on Pinterest.  Use your keywords and hashtags in each pin description.  Buffer found that the optimal character length for pin titles was 98 characters and adding ‘a call to action’ can increase engagement by 80%.

6. Pin consistently. When Pinterest’s algorithm sees that you’re consistent and that you’re sharing high-quality content (such as informative blog articles or beautiful images that send users to your product listings) Pinterest is going to start showing your content to users more often.

7. Every month record your analytics, review what’s working and what’s not. Tweak your plan and keep pinning!

Develop your own Pinterest Perfection

If you’d like to get to grips with Pinterest, I’m running an online workshop on Friday 15th January 2021.

It’s a live, two-hour engaging and interactive training session and includes practical help, advice and bite sized hints and tips, time is included to optimise your Pinterest profile. 
Together we’ll implement my tried and tested plan to boost your business with Pinterest.

You’ll come away with the best:

  • way to set up your profile
  • things to post
  • Pinterest strategy
  • ways to increase engagement
  • use of search to focus on your industry.

This is not death by PowerPoint, it’s a fast paced, interactive workshop with participation and immediately implementable advice.

You’ll also receive a downloadable Quick Start Guide with top tips, cheat sheets and checklists plus access to a VIP Facebook group for ongoing help and support.

When: 15th January 2021
9.30 – 11.30 am

Cost: £65

Esther Partridge-Warner, Social Media Specialist

Who am I?

I’m Esther and my mission is to help business owners who didn’t grow up with smartphones become expert at managing social media and maximise their online presence.

I’ve worked in large multinational corporations and micro businesses, across various industry platforms from educational publishing, security, IT, to health, recruitment, creative industries, EdTech and others.

Now I work with organisations to boost their power on social media, by offering one to one support and training, workshops and more.

My claim to fame is that in 2005 I was Worcestershire’s Businesswoman of the Year, and I now lecture in social media at the University of Worcester.

*Read more here: https://business.pinterest.com/content/pinterest-predicts/foreword/

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