What’s the best content to post on Pinterest?

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In last week’s blog I showed you how to use Pinterest trends.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

This week, I’m sharing my tried and tested ideas for what to Pin and the best time to pin it.

Firstly, what content works best on Pinterest? 

According to Pinterest themselves, “the best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more.”

It’s important to create vertical Pins (I suggest using Canva  to get them spot on! This is an affiliate link) You can use both images and videos and Canva has a great range of templates that you can customise for brand consistency.

People on Pinterest are looking for advice and inspiration, so put yourself in your customers shoes and think about what might appeal to each customer you’re trying to reach. What might they search for that would be relevant to your content?  What words and terminology would they use?  Reflect these in your title and description.  Use the trending keywords we discovered last week to inspire you too.

There are 3 types of Pins; standard Pins, video Pins and idea Pins. (Like stories, but longer lasting!)  Use a mix of each to create scroll-stopping content.

People love to go to Pinterest for recipes, how-to’s and tutorials.  How can you use these as part of your strategy?  Do get in touch if you’d like some help with this.

You might like to consider what upcoming seasonal months or important life events for which your content may be especially relevant?  Do bear in mind that Pinterest works 3-4 months ahead, so if you were looking to post for Valentine’s Day you’d start in November.  In March you’d be thinking about the Queen’s Platinum jubilee, summer holidays, festivals, proms and graduations, for example.

Some experts recommend posting five times a day, as Pinterest favours new content and you can easily schedule pins to your boards using the pro version of Canva.  I’m sure you already have a wide variety of evergreen content in your business that you could repurpose for Pinterest.

Also, like every social media platform the best times to Pin are when people are likely to be searching for your content.  So, this may be evenings and weekends, you can use the data in Pinterest analytics to find this out.  If you are new to Pinterest you may be interested to note that Sprout Social research found that Saturday evenings, between 8-11pm were optimal for reach and engagement.  I suggest you test and trial what works best for you and your target audience.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pinterest can work in your business, I’d love you to attend my workshop on Wednesday 23rd February at 2pm.  Together we’ll explore my tried and tested 4 step plan to increase your reach on Pinterest:-

  1. The best way to set up your profile
  2. The best things to post
  3. The best ways to increase engagement
  4. The best use of the analytics to measure success

The workshop is not death by Powerpoint, it’s a fast paced, interactive hour-long session with participation, live on Zoom.  Come with all your questions to be answered!

You’ll also receive a downloadable Quick Start Guide with top tips, cheatsheets and checklists.  For a limited time the workshop is on sale for £32.50 instead of £65.  So don’t miss out, as spaces are limited, book your spot now

Don’t take my word for it, Beccie Hawes booked a Power Hour with me to focus on Pinterest. See how many people viewed the content from Cadmus Inclusive this month (February 2022):-

So, if you’d prefer to work with me one to one, schedule a Power Hour at a time to suit you and we can get to grips with your Pinterest Strategy, book now.

I’m Esther and my mission is to help business owners who didn’t grow up with smartphones become experts at managing their social media and win more business.

Right platform, right way, right time, right tools.

I teach social media, ecommerce and marketing/entrepreneurship at two UK universities.

When speaking with businesses one of the biggest headaches is what to post on social media consistently, so I’m here to help! Please get in touch.  

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