What’s new on Twitter? July 19 update

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You may have heard about some Twitter changes recently.

  1. Twitter’s Trying Out New Icons to Add More Clarity to Reply Streams

The microphone icon highlights the author of the original tweet
The @ symbol is applied to anyone tagged within the original
And the symbol of the person with a tick signifies that this is someone you follow

2. Twitter Rolls Out New Detailed Follower Listings in Notifications

Twitter has announced that it will offer a new format for follower notifications, which will include a larger profile panel within the                Notifications tab, and enable you to follow back direct from the alert.

3. Twitter’s Looking to Emphasize Lists with New, Swipeable Custom Feeds

Twitter lists enable users to create custom feeds based on a specific interest – you simply select the users you want on your list,              give it a name and this is a great way to filter out the ‘noise’ on Twitter and focus on the tweets you really want to read.  So                      Twitter are currently trialing a new way to make lists more accessible.

Have these changes hit your account yet?  Let me know in the comments!

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