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Last week I shared 8 reasons to use Pinterest in your business.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

You may remember that I mentioned in 2021 8/10 predictions that Pinterest made came true! So, in 2022 they are predicting new trends in hair and beauty, celebrations, fashion, interiors, well-being, cars, pets, finance, parenting, hobbies, pets, travel and more. If you haven’t already, you can download the report now.

In this article, I want to discuss how you can use these Pinterest trends to boost traffic to your website.  I’m going to show you how to find the most popular keywords on Pinterest and how you can use my tried and tested process of using Pinterest trends to form your content strategy.

Pinterest trends are keywords that users on the platform have been searching for on within the past 12 months and you can use these trends to create your content strategy.

For example, one of the trends highlighted on the report is called ‘Don’t Quit your Yay Job’ and it looks at how more people are building a side hustle to complement their income.  If you are an accountant, you could use this trend to offer budgeting tips or accounting software to help them prepare for starting a business. Start with downloading the prediction report (link above) to see where you can tie the predictions with your products and services.  (If you’d like some help with this, do get in touch)

The next way to uncover what is trending is to go to the trends tab and filter by UK (if that’s where you are!) and use the search bar.  To continue with the business budgeting example see what came up in my recent search 👇

Then click through to one of the topics (I chose business ideas) and you can see the graph of the keyword search week by week, related searches (useful to also check out) and the top pins for that search. 👇

If you click on one of the pins you’ll see the all the detail, note the colours used, the description etc etc 👇

Select the trends that are most relevant for your products and services and then see what you already have (images, videos, downloadable cheat sheets etc) that you could repurpose for Pinterest.  Use a program like Canva to ensure your images are correctly sized, if you have Canva pro you can schedule your pins direct from Canva to the most relevant board on Pinterest.

Effective content marketing isn’t just about creating content from scratch. You can reuse, recycle and repurpose evergreen content from your back catalogue. Remember last week we discovered that the lifespan of a Pin is more than four months.  In fact, I have pins I created 18 months ago, still driving traffic to my website.

So to recap, this week we’ve learned how to find the most popular and top trends, and how to use them to grow our Pinterest traffic.

Next week I’ll be sharing my top tips of what to pin when for the greatest engagement.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pinterest can work in your business, I’d love you to attend my workshop on Wednesday 23rd February at 2pm. Together we’ll explore my tried and tested 4 step plan to increase your reach on Pinterest:-

  1. The best way to set up your profile
  2. The best things to post
  3. The best ways to increase engagement
  4. The best use of the analytics to measure success

The workshop is not death by Powerpoint, it’s a fast paced, interactive hour-long session with participation, live on Zoom. Come with all your questions to be answered!

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Don’t take my word for it, read what Pauline said after she attended my training: –

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I’m Esther and my mission is to help business owners who didn’t grow up with smartphones become experts at managing their social media and win more business.

Right platform, right way, right time, right tools.

I teach social media, ecommerce and marketing/entrepreneurship at two UK universities.

When speaking with businesses one of the biggest headaches is what to post on social media consistently, so I’m here to help! Please get in touch

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