Last week we looked at the Social Media Industry Report from The Social Media Examiner.  They surveyed more than 4,800 marketers to understand how they’re using social media to grow and promote their businesses.

This week we’ll look at the platforms business-to-business (B2B) marketers use compared with those of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers.

The key findings were

  1. Nearly all B2C marketers are focused on Facebook, Facebook leads in the B2C space as 69% of marketers select it as their number-one choice, however this is lower than in 2018 when 75% of B2C marketers said Facebook was their platform of choice.
  2. B2C marketers reduced their use of Twitter compared with 2018
  3. B2C marketers increased their use of Instagram compared with 2018
  4. For B2B marketers Facebook also takes the most important slot, surpassing LinkedIn.
  5. B2B marketers have increased their use of Instagram in the last year compared with 2018

Other notable changes since 2018
Instagram UP
LinkedIn UP
YouTube UP
Pinterest UP
Twitter DOWN
Snapchat DOWN

Do these findings reflect your own experience? Has Instagram overtaken Twitter for you this year?  Do you regularly measure your stats?    If not why not book onto a FREE Social Media Strategy seminar hosted by Nat West Bank?  The NEW date is July 11th book here