How to use social media to increase sales by 13.7%

How to use social media to increase sales by 13.7%

QUESTION: Wow! How can social media increase my sales by 13.7%? 

Part Two – Consideration

At this phase of their journey, a potential customer considers purchasing from you or competitors but is not yet ready to buy.

More users than ever before are doing research online before making a purchase, and an increasing number of these potential customers are using social media to do that research.

They look for peer reviews and read what customers have to say.

Research shows that 92% of online consumers trust content written by other users above all other forms of marketing, so social media and user-generated content (think word of mouth for 2019) is essential in winning over users in the consideration stage.

According to SquareLovin,  on average, the conversion rate in online shops increases by 210% when user-generated content is featured. The length of stay on the website extends by an average of 29%, while the average shopping cart rises 13.7%. Moreover, the clickthrough rate improves significantly with an average increase of 59.25%. See below for the full infographic.

QUESTION: What can you post for maximum engagement at this phase of your customer’s journey?


SUGGESTION:  Use the power of social media to increase your ‘know, like and trust’ factor. We know that people buy from people, so use personal bios and ‘meet the team’ posts to explain who you are and what you do, as well as showing the human side and personalities in your business.

EXAMPLE: Malvern hotel, The Mount Pleasant, uses a team photo on Facebook to show the happy, welcoming faces of the staff.


SUGGESTION: Use a post featuring your most popular products to inform your potential customers of all the services you offer.  As businesses, we generally expect our customers to just know the full range of what we do without having to cross-sell or up-sell. We can’t assume, we need to make it really clear.

EXAMPLE: Local business, Tigley Textiles use the Events tab on their Facebook page to showcase the full range of embroidery workshops on offer.


SUGGESTION: Encourage existing customers to leave online reviews and recommendations.  As we saw earlier, research shows that 92% of online consumers trust content written by other users above all other forms of marketing.  Let your customers become your online advocates and ambassadors.

EXAMPLE: Bakery, café and delicatessen, Au Bon Pain gets fabulous reviews which they can use in their social media posts to promote what they do.

TOP TIP: See a great infographic on the benefits of Social Proof here


SUGGESTION: In the consideration phase you may want to offer your potential customers a freebie to try or a free taster before they invest in your product or service.

EXAMPLE: Alice Jennings helps small business owners to save time and money using systems and technology. She often offers free webinars or lunchtime bytes sessions to showcase what she does.

TOP TIP: If you are fiving something away, it’s OK to ask for something in return.  This might be an email address sign-up to your newsletter, it might be a referral or maybe a recommendation?


SUGGESTION: Customers may wonder what your product looks like when it arrives through the post. So why not use an unboxing video to show them? Or even better ask a customer to make a video for you!

EXAMPLE: All About Magazines posted on Facebook when their recent delivery of magazines arrived.

FUN FACT: The amount of time people have spent watching unboxing videos just on their phones is the equivalent of watching the holiday classic “Love Actually” more than 20 million times!


SUGGESTION: To show your target audience how well they will be supported with after-sales service from you, why not run a live question and answer session using Facebook or Instagram?

EXAMPLE: Networking coach Alison Holmes has a closed Facebook group and consistently, every Monday at 10am, she does a live session talking about an aspect of networking.  So, it’s a safe place to ask questions without embarrassment.

TOP TIP: Your Facebook Lives don’t have to be on your Facebook page, they can be in a closed group, or you can choose people to invite. According to Facebook, live videos can drive 10 times more comments because of the real time connection between users.

Don’t forget, you can also delight your audience and attract potential customers by posting valuable content from a variety of other sources too, you don’t have to create everything, See this previous post.

I hope you’ve been inspired to think about what you can post on social media when your target audience are in the Consideration phase of their customer journey, whether you are a B2B business or a B2C business there are examples here that demonstrate how it’s done.  Next time we’ll look at the Decision phase.

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