How social media helps business owners dance!

How social media helps business owners dance!

Really?  I don’t think so….

Let me explain!

Part Four – The Adoption Phase

As we saw in part three as potential customers, we are constantly bombarded with messaging from companies and brands and the route to purchasing products and services is more complicated than ever.

When your potential customer has made the decision to purchase our product or service, we celebrate and as small business owners we do our happy dance, knowing that our hard work is paying off.

In this Adoption part of the customer journey we need to work hard to make our customers feel like they are part of a special community, perhaps receiving exclusive rewards and maybe even using in a special, shared language.

At this ‘point of sale’ consider how your customer is feeling. The customer experience and support are key.

We want to seamlessly move these customers into the Advocacy phase, which we will look at next time.

QUESTION: What could you post? How can you make your posts interactive? What can you post for maximum engagement at this phase of your customer’s journey?


SUGGESTION:  Introduce your team to your customers, so they are aware of all your staff (if you have them).  Who looks after the aftersales process? Who is behind the scenes?

EXAMPLE: Fine dining restaurant, Pensons, on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border successfully uses Instagram to introduce their hardworking team when they are working as well as relaxing.  They often use Instagram stories to show more behind the scenes posts, to differentiate from their extremely well-curated Instagram feed.

This post was also looking for new staff and clearly expresses the relationships in the team.


SUGGESTION: Use social media to demonstrate that you are a subject matter expert.  So when the customer entrusts you with their purchase, there is no one better, as you are the leader in your field.

EXAMPLE: Anja Potze Fine Jewellery, an award-winning independent jeweller based in the heart of Worcester, shows how luxury brands can effectively use LinkedIn, which is seen as more of a business to business platform.  Anja and her team obviously recognise that businesses are customers too, and she uses LinkedIn to raise awareness of the services she offers, positioning herself as an expert.

TOP TIP: Have you created videos which position you as a subject matter expert?


SUGGESTION: Use your social media posts to show exactly what customers can expect when they purchase from you.  This might be tutorials on how your products work, or how you should look after the products post-purchase.  If you are a service-based business, you might use ‘educate posts’ to answer questions customers may have about on-boarding or other frequently asked questions.

EXAMPLE: Award-winning Worcestershire business, The Wrinkly Elephant, handcrafts soaps with natural and vegan friendly ingredients.  Lisa uses Instagram to show how you can use her shower steamers, as well as explaining what ingredients she uses and why.


SUGGESTION: In the Adoption phase of your customer journey you can successfully use ‘convince’ posts to demonstrate how you can save your customers time, money or both.


SUGGESTION: Customers like to see sneak peeks of new products, or behind the scenes at exhibitions and expos.   This helps your audience feel special by giving them the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of everything that goes into your business and what makes you unique. Since behind-the-scenes content can feel more authentic, it can go a long way with establishing trust with your potential customers.

EXAMPLE: Bernadette Hornyold a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Master Craftsmen designs and creates bespoke handbags.  This year she exhibited at RHS Malvern and used a carousel of photos on Instagram to show the set-up, from bare trestle tables (with one bag) to complete set up featuring her whole range.


SUGGESTION: To show your target audience how well they will be supported with after-sales service from you, why not have an ‘ask me anything’ on Facebook or feature videos that explain how well you look after your customers?

EXAMPLE: The Confident K9 is an Accredited dog trainer and behaviour consultant covering Worcestershire.  Adelaide specialises in anxious, reactive dogs and general puppy training.  She uses videos on Facebook to answer questions her potential customers have, which might include pulling on the lead, using a lure and puppy training tips.

I hope you’ve been inspired to think about what you can post on social media when your target audience are in the Adoption phase of their customer journey and start working with you.  I hope your posts lead to plenty of happy dances!

Happy Dance

Next time we’ll look at the Advocacy phase, what does it mean for your business?

QUESTION: Do you still need inspiration?

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QUESTION: Which ideas will work best for your audience?

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