Following on from this post in November 2018 where it was suggested:

If social media activity is part of the organisation’s marketing mix and there are clear goals and key performance indicators in place (so you know what success looks like) then that is an excellent place to start.  This, combined with an understanding of the customer demographic and when they spend time on their preferred social media platforms, gives a solid basis from which to measure.

So for me, the key takeaways here are:-

  1. Social media being part of the marketing mix
  2. Setting clear goals
  3. Having key performance indicators
  4. Understanding the customer demographic
  5. Knowing when your audience is online.

To tackle the last one first (!) there are previous posts I’ve written which give suggestions of ways to find when your audience is on Facebook and Instagram.

To understand more about your customer demographic, read this.

So if the organisation has an overall sales and marketing strategy, is it clear what role social media will play in working to achieve the objectives?

Sabrina Rodriguez, Global Head of Social Media & Content at Dentsu Aegis Network, says:-

“taking a step back and looking at the business – the wider business – to identify what challenges the wider business is facing. And then mapping out your strategy against a few of those core challenges.”

As business owners, the more we understand what our key objectives are, the better positioned we are to craft stories on social media that resonates with our audience.

Like him or loathe him, this in Gary Vaynerchuk’s top 10 business quotes:-

Do we allow our personalities, the heart and soul of everyone in our organisations to shine on social media?

To be continued……..