Welcome to the first in a new series of blogs which are designed to dispel the myths around social media.  Chatting with people every day, I am surprised that often the belief is that in order to create a social media strategy that wins business you need to be young, or a recent graduate, or tech-savvy or have years of experience.

Busting social media myths Number 1 : – You need to be young to be successful on social media.

According to Statista 70% of 50 to 64-year olds are on social media.

Anyone can learn to be successful with online marketing, young or old.  You need the right tools and the strategies for your business. And guess what?  As the business owner, no one knows your business like you do!  I expect your passion and energy for what you do comes through in every phone call you take or every email you send.  So why should social media be any different?

It’s a question of finding the right platform for your customer. And guess what?  I expect you know your customer inside out too!  You know what questions they ask, what concerns they have, what keeps them awake at night…

So, what do you need to be successful on social media?

  1. Start with a plan.

Your plan should include what you hope to achieve on social media. It will guide your actions and show you whether you are achieving your aims.


  1. Start with one platform

As entrepreneurs we can’t be everywhere.  Start with one platform and do it well, then branch out to others.  Ask your current customers where they like to spend their social media time.  Get to know it well, complete your profile as if you were speaking with a customer, use their language and terminology.  It’s easy for us to use abbreviations and acronyms and often a customers will be too scared to ask what we mean.

  1. Post consistently

It’s better to decide that you’ll post three times a week on platform and actually do that rather than start with excitement posting every day and then run out of ideas.

  1. Build relationships

Social media should be used like a telephone rather than a television, it’s about a two-way conversation, not just broadcasting about you and what you do. Listening and responding are equally as important as posting.

  1. Keep up to date with what’s new on social media

I know, I know!  It can feel as if you’re walking on shifting sand!  However, if you focus on one platform (such as Facebook) then it’s easier to keep up with the latest features that get rolled out and you get rewarded if you are one of the first to get started with them (like the new Facebook rooms, for example).

  1. Measure what works

Start by going into the analytics every week and see which posts performed best, which ones had the most comments, likes etc.  Do more of those! Keep posting, keep tweaking, keep measuring

You don’t need to be a particular age or have a specific background to be successful, what you do need is to put consistent time and effort into practicing, just like you would with any other skill.   You don’t have to struggle on your own without any of it making sense!  I’m here to help and guide you every step of the way, so that you can be successful and to drive your business forward.  Get in touch, we can chat and have a virtual coffee! https://onlinemediaworks.typeform.com/to/zseENB




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About me

Hello! I’m Esther and I work with small businesses to raise their game on social media; by helping you find clarity, by developing skills and the confidence you need to drive your business forward to success.

In 2006 I graduated (as a mature student) from Worcester University with a degree in IT for Education & Training. In autumn 2017 I commenced lecturing in Social Media in the Business School at the University and now have a postgraduate certificate in teaching and learning for higher education.

I’m an expert at demystifying social media and will work with you to develop a plan which raises your profile and wins you business.