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Business SOS Workshop

Business SOS – 10th April 2019 – 10am to 4pm (including lunch and snacks)
Early bird price £175

A day out of your business…
To take action, create focus and grow your business

Whilst drowning in the day to day of your business, it is hard to take a step back, take stock and re-focus to make sure you are doing the right things, at the right time, and the right way!

Our aim is to give you one day out of your business to focus bigger picture and to create a solid action plan to take back with you to help you not only grow your business but feel enthusiastic about it again!

Small steps create HUGE transformation when done consistently, out aim is to help you identify where you want to get to and then the best route to get there, and then focus on the immediate small steps required to make that change.

The day is led by Emma May, Owner and head coach at Real World Coaching, and Esther, Owner and Social Media Specialist at Online Media Works.

The day is broken down in to two parts.

Business growth and planning in the morning with Emma to give you business clarity, an insight into your behaviour as a business owner, strategy and vision leading to a 1 month, 3 months, 1-year plan.

Then the afternoon is focused on online marketing to help you identify how, where and when to drive your plan forward online, again resulting in a plan of action to get you going!

Before the day we will be sending you an online audit to complete to measure your business right now, you will then focus on the changes aligned to your 1, 3 and 12 month plan so that you can track as you go and see your progress and growth over the 12 months.

Are you ready to take action, tackle challenges and kick start a strong 12 months business growth?

The early bird price (£175) includes a free follow up coaching session with Emma May,
and a one to one social media strategy session with Esther! Worth together over £175!
Places are limited so book now !


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