7 Steps to Social Media Success

Often businesses create their social media profiles without a plan, trying to do everything without fully understanding the “why”. This online course will help to clearly define the goals that are important to your business and will help you to create a strategy for social media success, step by step.

7 Steps to Social Media Success

7 Steps to Social Media Success

This first course in the series is called ‘Social Media Success in 7 Steps’.

It covers the proven method I’ve successfully implemented time and again with my clients over the last few years and consists of 10 downloadable bite-sized videos (approx. 5-10 minutes each) plus planners, worksheets and an audit tracker.

The first module (of five) will focus on bench-marking where you are now, showing you how to audit all your social media platforms, so once you have identified where your potential customers are you can focus your energy in the places where you’ll get best results.  We’ll then look at setting objectives and goals, how to put your social media strategy together, what to measure and track to demonstrate success.

Also, once you have purchased the course you’ll be added to my secret Facebook group for additional support, guidance etc. You can work through at your own pace.

When I officially launch the course, it will be £49 (+VAT) but as I’m currently looking for VIP triallists, I’d like to offer you a massive discount from the launch price, making it £17.40 including VAT in exchange for feedback by 18th May.

The course is yours to keep forever and as I update it you’ll be alerted to any changes. You can access the course on a tablet, phone or on a laptop/desktop.

The link to buy is http://bit.ly/OMW_7steps   I’d love you to take part!  If you have any questions, please get in touch.

About me I’m Esther Partridge-Warner and I have extensive sales and marketing background spanning 25 years. I’ve worked in large multinational corporations and micro businesses, across various industry platforms from educational publishing, security, IT, to health, recruitment, creative industries (especially Etsy) and many others.

In 2006 I graduated from Worcester University with a degree in IT for Education & Training. In autumn 2017 I commenced lecturing in Social Media in the Business School at the University.

Now a successful entrepreneur, trainer and speaker, I provide business and marketing support for business owners, as well as for corporates, networking groups and more. I’m a recognised online marketing and social media expert, and an Enterprise Nation advisor. I

f you’d like any further help or advice, please contact me at esther@onlinemediaworks.co.uk or on 078079 76004

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