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7 Steps to a Social Media Plan that Wins Business

7 Steps to a Social Media Plan that Wins Business

How far ahead do you plan your social media? A month at a time? More? Are you a ‘lastminute dot com’ person that wakes up in the morning and wonders what you should post today? Here are my 7 Steps to a Social Media Plan that Wins Business.  This is the framework I use all the time in my business, it’s tried and tested and wins business.

I know some people plan out more than a month ahead, but a month at a time works for me.  Algorithms and social networking sites change ALL the time. As a micro-business I can be agile and respond quickly to the changing needs of my customers, I use social media to listen to what my customers want and need, adapting my proposition when I need to.

“A social media content strategy should be in constant development; changing with the trends and shifting with your engagement levels.” Kirsty Smith, ContentCal

REMEMBER: You are unique and so is your business, there are no rules – do what works for you, not someone else.

7 steps to planning your social media - planning

7 steps to planning your social media – planning

Step 1

Firstly, I record the numbers for the previous month and see what worked best and resonated most with my target audience.  There’s no point in just posting stuff you love… It doesn’t need to be complicated, an excel spreadsheet or a table in word will do the job. I use the platform analytics to inform me of the best days to post and what times my audience is online.
Look back at this article on measuring success on social media for more tips.

7 steps to planning your social media - reviewing

7 steps to planning your social media – reviewing

Step 2

Then I decide what I’m going to post. Considering: –

  • When I’m on social media what do I stop scrolling to actually look at and read? See some scary stats here.
  • What awareness days are relevant to my business?
  • Do I have a balance of curated and created content?
  • Do my posts cover what my potential customer needs to see at every step of their customer journey?
7 steps to planning your social media - focusing

7 steps to planning your social media – focusing

Step 3

Next, I focus on the social media platforms where most of my audience are likely to be found.  I can’t be everywhere, so it’s better to put my time and energy into the online networking platforms where I know they are likely to be.

Also, think about the social networking sites that fill you with a spark of joy and not suck your soul!

Click here for UK social media stats if you’re not sure where your customers might hang out online.

7 steps to planning your social media - creating

7 steps to planning your social media – creating

Step 4

My favourite! I love Canva (similar programmes are available) to create branded templates and so it’s quick and easy to change the photos and swap the text to create all the posts I need for the month.  Read  8 reasons why I love Canva.

I download the posts to my computer and rename them something meaningful.  Then I create a word document to plan out the captions and check the character/word counts especially if it’s crucial (eg Twitter).

Next, I decide on the call to action for each post and create customised shortened links using bit.ly. This means that I can measure how many clicks I get to my content. I know this may be contentious from a cyber security perspective, but I have asked my audience, and this is what works for them. It’s called social listening and I try to walk the talk.

Also, don’t forget to reuse/recycle older posts too if they are still relevant. I don’t create shiny new stuff all the time.

7 steps to planning your social media – scheduling

Step 5

Using the data I uncovered in Step 1, I plan out when to schedule my posts.  If I’m using Facebook I schedule directly on Facebook.

For other platforms I use a great FREE tool called ContentCal.  It’s really easy to use and super visual, so I can see at a glance what I have coming up.

7 steps to planning your social media – checking

Step 6

Check everything! Grammar, spellings, hashtags, that links work etc etc First impressions count just as much (maybe more?) online as in person.

7 steps to planning your social media - adding assets to your library

7 steps to planning your social media – adding assets to your library

Step 7

Sit back and relax….. but not too much!

  • I add in impromptu posts where I can, maybe a Facebook live if I’m feeling confident? I might share user generated content (UGC) such as a review or a photo of a workshop that a delegate has taken.
  • I take photos/video that I know will be useful for the following month.
  • I respond daily to comments and feedback on my posts, social media is a telephone, not a television!
7 steps to planning your social media - engage

7 steps to planning your social media – engage

  • I keep my finger on the social media pulse, checking out what’s new, researching hashtags and continually trying to improve what I do and the way I do it. Why not sign up for my weekly newsletter where I share the latest updates?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what works for you and how you plan out your social media.  

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About me

Esther Partridge-Warner

Esther Partridge-Warner

I’m Esther Partridge-Warner and I have an extensive background in sales and marketing, spanning over 25 years. My specialism is helping business owners leverage their online presence, putting the icing on your social media cake.

Here are a few of my highlights…..

I’ve worked in large multinational corporations and micro businesses, across various industry platforms from educational publishing, security, IT, to health, recruitment, creative industries, EdTech and others.

In 2006 I graduated with a degree in IT for Education & Training. In autumn 2017 I commenced lecturing in the Business School at Worcester University. I now have a postgraduate certificate in Learning and Teaching for Higher Education.

As a successful entrepreneur, trainer and speaker, I provide social media training for business owners, as well as for larger companies, networking groups and more. I offer one to one bespoke training, workshops and more. By the way, there’s always cake!

7 steps to planning your social media - celebrate with cake

7 steps to planning your social media – celebrate with cake

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